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midwest document destructionWhat is U.S. Shred?

Established in 2008, U.S. Shred is a division of Unified Services, a sheltered workshop that has been serving Northwest Missouri, since 1975. Based in Bethany, Missouri, Unified Services provides part-time and permanent employment for a large number of workers with disabilities via services that also include packaging, janitorial services, retail sales and industrial subcontracting.

Consequently, when you do business with U.S. Shred, you’re not only helping yourself and the environment, but you’re helping create employment for a growing number of disabled men and women who desire to be as self-sufficient as possible, rather than dependent on state and federal aid.

As a result of our service, security and dedication to our customers, U.S. Shred has grown to the point we are doing business with government offices, insurance offices, medical facilities, accounting firms and retail businesses in a four-state area.U.S. Shred

Why not let us go to work for you?

You’ll be helping yourself, the environment and a wonderful group of hard-working, but disabled, individuals.

U.S. Shred
An industry serving industry

It takes an average of 16 trees to make a ton of paper. Working together, we can preserve a small forst, not to mention the security of your business. Give us a call today for a free quote on shredding services for your business. We can set up a schedule to meet nearly every need.

recycling logoThe Need for Shredding

In today’s fast-faced business environment, document destruction – more commonly referred to as document shredding – isn’t just a moral obligation to protect employees and customers. It’s also a legal obligation as specified by federal, state and local laws, such as those imposed by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act).

Document shredding can also remove the risk of financial liability … not just from fines, but also from the loss of trade secrets, threatened extortion or information theft. And that doesn’t include any damage to your company’s reputation by news-hungry reporters, disgruntled employees or low-tech hackers who take advantage of low-level document security.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to any or all of these challenges, U.S. Shred is ready and willing to help. We can take care of your document destruction needs so you can focus on what you do best … before that stack of materials gets any higher.

“We have worked with US Shred for the last few years to provide shedding service of our confidential documents. Their facilities, equipment, and operations are all well maintained and managed. Their staff is always professional and courteous and are more than willing to provide us with any documentation or facility inspections that we request. They provide secure handling of documents in locked bins from the time of pick-up until destruction. We hold them in high regard!” – Shane Cox, President Flowers National Bank Bethany, Missouri

Safe, Secure Offsite Shredding

NAID logoAlthough you have a number of choices when it comes to document destruction, we’re confident the offsite document destruction services provided by U.S. Shred represent your best option. It starts with security and convenience that’s verified by our Triple A rating with NAID (National Association of Information Destruction).

A Choice of Containers

Security begins with a choice of locked containers to best fit your needs. Our solid cabinet console comes with a removable bag and a slot at the top of the locking door for depositing materials. Solidly built and unobtrusive, the container can also serve as the base for a photocopier, printer, etc. At regular, pre-selected intervals, our certified drivers will simply remove the bag, which is then locked and loaded onto the truck, while replacing it with a new bag.

The other option is a locked plastic bin which is simply replaced with a new bin at specified intervals. Of course, we also offer drop-off shredding for home-owners or small business owners in the area who just want to “clean house” every few months.document destruction

Safekeeping with Every Step

No matter what type of container you choose, you can rest assured we have your company’s security in mind at every step as material is either under lock and key and/or supervision at all times.

  • Route truck are always locked while in transport.
  • Each truck is equipped with GPS tracking, so we always know its location.
  • All employees go through a background check and are subject to routine drug testing.
  • Our sorting and shredding facility is protected by both alarms and security cameras.
  • Material is sorted by sheltered workshop employees (many of whom cannot read the material they’re handling) into different bins by paper grade.
  • Material from different clients is co-mingled before it is fed into the shredder and baled – eliminating the chance that documents can be reassembled by advanced software or overseas hackers.
  • All bales are kept in a locked warehouse until they are picked up and delivered directly to one of the nation’s largest paper manufacturers, where the material is re-pulped and recycled.
  • There is no size or volume limit on documents, since they’re presorted and hand-fed into our commercial-grade shredder.
  • Any visitors or outside vendors to our sorting/shredding area must be escorted while in our locked work area.
  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request to substantiate compliance with any applicable regulations.

document destructionConsider Our Many Benefits

Sure, there are popular alternatives to having U.S. Shred pick up your documents for off-site destruction. All we ask is that you consider what U.S. Shred has to offer.

  •  Our service isn’t noisy or distracting to your employees as on-site shredding can be, no does it tie up the parking area. Plus, there is little opportunity for on-site shredders to co-mingle your materials.
  • You never have to wonder whether your materials arrived safely and securely, as can be the case with “Ship and Shred” services that require you to ship documents to the shredding service.
  • Your shredded material is always secure with us. According to a ruling by the Supreme Court, trash in a dumpster is considered public domain, which means documents you shred yourself with a home or office shredder can still be recovered.
  • You don’t have to worry about replacing broken shredders or paying for employees to remove staples, clips, etc,; hand feed a machine or clear frustrating paper jams.
  • You know the job will be done with with U.S. Shred. Can you be assured that employees won’t someday take a shortcut and simply throw material in the trash?

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