How to Apply for Employment

If you desire to work at a sheltered workshop, you must prove that you have a disability that prevents you from being employed in regular competitive employment.  This must be documented by a qualified professional in the field of your disability.  For example, if your disability is a developmental disability or a mental disability, a diagnosis from a psychiatrist stating what the disability is and how it prevents from working is required.  If you have a physical disability, you may get a diagnosis from a medical doctor.

Once the workshop has this information, we will interview you.  If we agree that there is a job for you in the workshop and you feel that this is something you want to do, we will submit your paperwork to the state workshop certification specialist for our area.  Once you are approved, we will determine a date for you to start to work!

Unified Services contracts with OATS to provide transportation to the workshop for persons living in Harrison, Daviess, and Mercer counties.  There are a few exceptions and restrictions.  This is something to discuss if you are offered a job here.

If you have services through one of the regional offices within the Division of Developmental Disabilities, we would like to have a copy of your personal plan.  This will also be a source from which you can obtain the documentation of your disability.